LaVon Bridges and Alice Wright offer their wonderful children's books of songs and poems about Alaska animals, called ALASKA ANIMALS, WE LOVE YOU.  We link you to to order matching Alaska animal puppets.

Contact us for presentations in schools, daycare centers, libraries, senior centers and stores. Sing along with the authors as they entertain you.


Review by Jane E. Anderson

I was very impressed with this book, however it cannot truly be appreciated without seeing the art, so it's too bad the cover isn't displayed on this site. The CD makes it extra fun for kids. A worthwhile investment!

Review by Afton J. Basden

The illustrations in this book are just beautiful, and the book is both educational and lots of fun. Kids LOVE the chants/sing-alongs, especially the one where they get to howl like wolves. This book would be great for anyone teaching kids about Alaska animals.

Review by Cathie Maxon

I can't get these chants out of my head! ONLY reason I'm giving it 4 stars. LOL.

Honestly, I think young kids would LOVE having readers take turns singing and chanting these catchy little tunes and poems with them. They ARE catchy, I'm warning ya. However, I LOVE the fact that the entire book is scientific and VERY educational.